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Two Year Checkup did not go as hoped

Last Monday (1.25.10) I went down to Riley Childrens Hospital for what I thought would be my last checkup for at least a couple of years. It was just Britnee and I going down this time. All that I had planned was to have an echocardiogram done to my chest, then to see Dr. Hoyer. well the echo went by a lot faster than last year so I figured everyone was going to be fine, and that I would be good for at least a couple of years.  After seeing Dr. Hoyer and am talking to him, he informed Britnee and I that the stent that they put in during my second surgery was shrinking more than planned. He informed us that it was nothing life threating at the moment, but the Blood Pressure difference that it was causing between my upper and lower body is what caused all my problems in the first place. And that he would want me to come back within the next couple months to do one of two things. He would either do a Heart Cath (enter through the main artery in my leg) to place a new stent inside my old one to re-expand it and strengthen it. Or they would to a series of operations and just try to expand the current stent.

After all that we went home to let it sink in. But knew we were going to do it. So my next date is set for Feb. 11th 2010.


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