JohnZak’s Surgery

First checkup~ 2-5-08

So I went to see Dr. Brown, my current cardiologist, today and it went ok I guess. He just checked my stats, and my breathing. You know the cardio stuff. My blood pressure was really low, and I told him how I have been becoming lightheaded sometimes, so Dr. Brown changed up my medication some, and is starting me on a weaker form of Altace for my heart. It won’t lower my pressure as much, which he thinks will be safer, and it might pump more blood to my feet and might help them to heal faster. And the best part of the new medication is that it is only $4. Now both of the meds that I have for my heart are under $10. Which is a good thing because he said I might be on them for awhile.  I am suppose to meet with him again in three months, but it is dependent on when and how my next surgery goes.


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