JohnZak’s Surgery

New meds are working :) ,and three weeks later.

Well Monday I received a new medication called Neurontin, its another med that is suppose to help with the nerve pain, and slow my nerves down, and like the Lyrica that I already have, the Neurontin took around a week to kick in. I can really feel the difference now. At night I do not get the killing, shocking, wanting to die pain like I was having before. All the pain I have in my feet now is tolerable. I am still not receiving more then three house of sleep at night with the Ambien, but I was just able to get an hours nap in this morning. So that is always a good sign. The most pain I feel now is when I walk. There are spots on my feet where it feels like someone took a cheese grater to it when something lightly touches it, or if I have pressure on those spots to long. But all in all they are starting to feel better. And like always I hope they keep getting better and don’t start hurting again like last time. And after three weeks with that much pain, I will be ready for anything. Some people are saying that I will be lost without it, but I know that is not true lol. The only thing that has ever felt worse is the CT scan that they gave me when I went into the ER and the dye that they use went into the tear of my aorta and caused me to try and craw out of the scanner. It’s funny now that I think of it. 

My mom and I also went in and I applied for Medicade so please pray for me that I get approved. The lady that we worked with said it might take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of years for my case. I guess they only like working with people that have a lifetime disability, and since I will be better in around a year, they might not want to help pay for my bills.

And the last thing is that I’m going in to get some blood work done sometime today for my appointment with Dr. Dechner next week. And I also have a couple of other appointments with other Doctors sometime next week also, but I am not sure which ones, I’m still meeting some of them for the first time. 


February 1, 2008 - Posted by | Recoverery

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