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I think thay are starting to get better

So what all happened since my last post. Well since last Wed. it sometimes feels like my feet are starting to become more normal. But I still have times when I can’t stand the pain at all. It seems to be fine during the day, but then around eight my feet just start burning, stinging, shocking, and they are just in every kind of non-stop pain you can think of. So I have not been sleeping at all most nights for the past week. A couple of days ago my mom called Abi and she talked to Dr. Dechner, and he called into Wal-Mart and got me a prescription for Ambien. My mom calling Abi, to her picking up the prescription all happened within an hour. It’s great to have a sister that works with your doctor. The Ambien helped me sleep great the first night. But then the next night it had no kind of affect on me. So once again I was up all night. And it’s been like that since.

            Yesterday morning at church Vi Delagrange came up to me and asked if I have ever thought of being anointed with oil in front of the church, it crossed my mind once awhile ago, but I never thought of it since. So during one of the breaks, she talked to Pastor Don, and he said he would do it that day. So during the service he came back to me, I always sit in the back now in case I have to walk around or leave, and did a prayer for me and anointed me. As soon as he did that the pain died down until I got home. It was the first time I was able to sit still since I came home from the hospital. The even better thing that happened is that the severe pain that I normally have at night, I had that afternoon. I know that might not sound like a good thing, but that night I was able to control most of the pain because it was not that bad, there is a reason for everything in Gods plan.  But since the extreme pain started during the day, we tried to do something about it, so my mom called Jayne Numbers, a massage therapist and friend of the family, and I went in to see her for several hours. While there she worked mostly on the back of my spine, and now we know that is where the problem is because at one point during the appointment all my pain was gone, and I was in complete bliss. But then she stopped and the shooting pain came back real soon. Jayne told us to take two tennis balls on put them into a soc and then lay the back of my head, by my spine, on them. It is suppose to manipulate what she was doing to stop the pain. I couldn’t get it to work though. So last night the pain was very weak, but I still could not sleep. I took a Ambien, but it only worked for an hour before I was wide awake again. So we are back to not knowing what to do. But my feet are feeling different some of the time, so they might be becoming a little better.


January 28, 2008 - Posted by | Recoverery

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