JohnZak’s Surgery

Two weeks later

Well it has been two weeks since I’ve come home from the hospital and my recovery is going great. I am getting out of the house a lot more, mostly to Wal-Mart to walk around while Britnee shops. I have even been able to go out to eat a couple of times, but it is hard to sit through a meal because my feet are still bugging me a lot, but the pain has moved mostly to my toes and the end of my feet. The only time when the rest of my feet hurt is at night for some reason. And when they hurt at night, it’s the worst pain that I have ever felt. And the pain pills that I have don’t really help. This causes me to loose a lot of my sleep. But according to the doctor, it shouldn’t last more then another week; I really hope he is right. I am going to see Jayne Numbers a couple times a week which helps for several hours. And it seems to be helping get rid of some of the pain altogether. She also wants me to see Dr. Bull, which is the main chiropractor where she works. She believes that I have two disks in my lower spine that are to close together, and that if I get that fixed then it might loosen up my nerves some, and stop most of the pain. I hope she is right.


January 23, 2008 - Posted by | Recoverery

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